Monday, May 31, 2010

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Need a dessert? Need a dessert for a BBQ without having to use plates or utensils? This is the dessert for you! 

I made these this weekend for a BBQ, and they were a big hit.

The night before the BBQ I made a batch of my mint oreo cookie ice cream, but instead of crushed Oreos I used 1 cup of chopped bittersweet chocolate.  I buy Bakers since I can find it at my grocery store, but use any sort of bar chocolate you like as long as you can chop it. This isn't too expensive, and the bittersweet works very well for this ice cream.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream fabulousity.  When you chop the chocolate you get little shards of chocolate throughout the ice cream that lends a nice texture, without having to use chocolate chips. Obviously you can use chips if you want to, but I really prefer the chopped chocolate.

I made this the night before so it could freeze to a solid enough consistency to assemble the ice cream cookie sandwiches the next day. 

The next morning I made chocolate chocolate chunk cookies and chocolate chip cookies with walnuts. You want to make the cookies far enough in advance so that you can assemble the cookie sandwiches and have them set up hard before you serve them. 

Cool the cookies completely before assembling your cookie sandwiches, or you will have a soupy mess!

If your ice cream is extremely hard set (if you use store bought for instance (gasp!)) you might want to let it sit out just for a few minutes to slightly soften, but not too much, otherwise you won't be able to make the sandwiches.

I chose to use homemade ice cream and made the cookies from a mix (I know, sometimes you have to choose your battles). If you're short on time, make homemade cookies and use store bought ice cream.  

Have fun and enjoy these little handfuls of summer fun!


  1. I make these whenever we have summer parties here at the house and they are always a huge hit...I didn't make my own ice cream, though...great job!

  2. I've made these before too and they are so much better than store bought. They're always a big hit. In fact I was thinking of making that very thing this weekend.

  3. We hosted the BBQ, and let's just say that my husband and I ate all 4 remaining ice-cream sandwiches by noon the next day!