Monday, May 17, 2010

Brimfield Antique Fair

Brimfield! I finally went! OK, what on Earth is Brimfield you're asking? Well, it's one of the largest antique fairs in the country. It happens three times a year, May, July and September. Brimfield is a town about an hour and a half West of Boston, and with lots of fields and open spaces, Brimfield is on the map due to this unreal exposition.

So knowing how overwhelming this amount of STUFF might be, I went in with a plan and some goals of what I wanted to look for.....bakeware and chocolate molds of course!

It was great having something specific in mind going into something this HUGE! It was SO MUCH FUN! Ok, enough with the all capital letters....ahem..

These choocolate molds were amazing! They were in fantastic shape, and just beautiful. I loved the cat sticking out its tongue, and the lobsters were my favorite! Seeing how the least expensive mold was $200, I settled for some pictures :)

There are hundreds and hundreds of vendors that travel from all over the country to go to Brimfield. What results is a phenomenal collection of collectors! Looking for an odd piece of Pyrex?

Looking for a rare tea tin to complete your collection?

So after walking around and seeing hundreds of vendors, what did I buy? Check it out!

I love this vintage tablecloth, I have a thing for them and I just love this one! The little scenes are very 1950s-1960s. You can see the three little teapots, the golf cart and flowers, and the lamp with flowers. I love it. You can also see the red white and blue bracelet I bought in this picture.

Can you say molds!? Ok, so they aren't chocolate molds, but I absolutely adore them. My Mom has similar molds that we used to use to make jell-o, but I have some fun plans for these babies.

The little gold frames are for some of my oil paintings, I've been looking for small, ornate gold frames and was thrilled to finally find these!  Once I have time to paint again, I can't wait to use them.

(Never start a sentence with "And", but...) AND, do you see my new Madeleine pan!? $3.
 Oh and how much do you love the little cross-stitch baker?!

Also in the mix, an old Pepsi advertising crate, which is perfect for my canvases and painting supplies.

I also took home two difference pieces of pyrex. If you haven't cooked with Pyrex, seriously, try it out. It can make your life and cooking easier.

Your next chance to experience Brimfield, is July, so bring your sunscreen, leave early, and wear your walking shoes!


  1. Great pictures. Love the Brimfield Fair. Made this video while there a few years ago:

  2. I had a blast! I'd suggestwearing 'Crocs' and you can walk for 8 hours like we did! I love my find of the day for $ aluminum cake decorator and tips in the original box marked 49 cents never used! Thanks Grapes for taking me along! Let's go back! :)

  3. That fair looks so fun!! I got some good treasures at the thrift store recently, including a vintage quilt today on my lunch break!

    I love the tablecloth, by the way!

    P.S. I found your blog by seeing your photo on foodgawker. :D

  4. I wish I lived a bit closer! Hopefully some day I'll make it there.

  5. I keep seeing this fair mentioned everywhere! I'm so jealous. Too far away for this N.C. gal. Maybe one year!

  6. Oh, wow! I've always wanted to go on Brimfield every year. This trade fair is just so great! lots of antiques and wonderful things at a good buy!Hope we'll bump into each other there someday... :)

  7. I am so glad I was not there I would have bought everything

  8. I found your blog by seeing your photo on foodgawker.thanx for the pistures they look so amazing.

  9. The pictures are amazing. I really like these pictures. Awesome!

  10. Wow! the pictures are so amazing. I really like it. Who captured that pictures?

  11. I got some good treasures at the thrift store recently, including a vintage quilt today on my lunch break! thanx for sharing.

  12. Great collection of antiques.Those stuff are really rare?

  13. Well, I found your blog by seeing your photo on foodgawker.thanx for the pictures they look so amazing. keep posting.