Saturday, April 3, 2010

Got Sugar?

Happy Easter!

Have you ever made your own sugar cubes? What about your own sugar bunnies?

Got Sugar? Got candy molds?
So easy!

Take a small amount of sugar in a small bowl, sprinkle some water on the sugar...literally just sprinkle! Start to mix together until you have the consistency of damp sand. Add one DROP of  food coloring and mix all together with your hands. Press into your candy molds, and let dry!

My Grandmother has been doing this for years. It makes such a fun little addition to your Easter morning tea or coffee. Truth by told, they taste pretty good as little snacks too. :)

Happy Easter to you and yours!!


  1. These are adorable! Great idea

  2. I love that idea ~ I've never seen it before!

  3. just found your blog! Can't wait to browse around :)
    I love your sugar molds... so cute!
    -Mini Baker