Saturday, April 17, 2010

King Arthur Flour Baking Store

It's been so long! I've been holding off on writing, a) because I had an insanely busy week at work and b) because I was waiting to get MY NEW MACBOOK!!! YAY! It comes next week though, and I can't wait anymore to tell you about our adventure last weekend.

My husband was nice enough to indulge me and drive 2 hours up to Vermont to the King Arthur Flour Baking Store! I love their catalogue, it always makes me want to jump up and bake, and I've always wanted to go to the store. Mission accomplished!

It was fun to take an impromptu road trip and just relax after a long, hard work week!

Two hours later, we made it!

 The store was a little smaller than I expected, but definitely did not disappoint. I have never seen so many different types of flour in my life.

 French Flour? Oui Oui! Of course I bought some, expect a French Baguette post sometime in the future. Lord help me with that one.

Grains anyone? I also bought a packet of "Everything Seasoning" like what you would put on everything bagels...yum. I don't see myself trying to make bagels anytime soon but I thought it would be great on some homemade bread, no?

They had fabulous mixes, any baking supply you could possibly need (including meringue powder!), samples, and a cafe with fabulous smells. It was late afternoon when we were there, so the case was a little empty, AND a family in front of us bought the last of the eclairs! :(

Have you ever seen a rolling pin this big? I know some cookie blog friends who could make some serious batches of sugar cookies with this big momma!

I loved looking up while in the store, lots of fun little vignettes of baking items.

Talk about a serious apron, this was made out of heavy cotton. A 'real' chef/baker in his working whites bought one while I was there.  I'll stick to the frilly ones my Grandma made for me for now :)

What else did I buy? An angel food cake slicer which looks like a long pitch fork, meringue powder, a 'bake' t-shirt, portuguese sweet bread mix (MASA!!), scone mixes, some flavor extracts and some chocolate sticks to make pain au chocolates with! Chocolate croissants here I come!

I tried the Cran-raspberry white chocolate scone mix the next morning! So easy and so yum! I really want to make my own now.

All in all, it was a great day, and if you're in the area, definitely stop by! At least sign up for their catalogue.
I was such a happy camper !


  1. Glad that you enjoyed your visit! If you need a hand when you get to baguettes, just give us a call on the hot line:800-827-6836 Frank @ KAF, baker/blogger.

  2. what a good hubby!!!
    that store looks amazing and I am sure I could drop some serious cash there!

  3. Oh, I *really* want to go there!!! So jealous!

  4. Soooo cool! Where in VT is it? We are headed up to Burlington in July (DH's family lives there), and I always try and find somewhere to stop on the way home. Last year it was a *real* cheese in the really old shack that the cheese is made in and the woman conducting the tasting probably milked the cows that were out front. LOL!

  5. Bagels are so good and surprisingly easy to make. I made my first batch earlier this week, and guess what? No more trips to finagle for me. I'll be making them again later in the week to post. Did you happen to get malt powder at the King Authur store?

    It's so cool that you went. I had no idea there was a King Authur store in Vt. =)