Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Week of Spring!

What's the best part of Spring? Daffodils, bunnies, tree buds, birds...NO! Free Water Ice!

Up here in New England, we'd call it a Slush, but down in the Philly area, it's water ice...and it's FREE on the first day of Spring! What you see in the picture is Florida Orange Water Ice on the top, and on the bottom, unseen, is PEEPS flavor! It's bright yellow, and tastes like a marshamallow peep. It was fantastic, and my tongue and lips were bright yellow for most of the day.

I was going to write a post about the rest of our great first day of Spring,'s been a busy week, so I thought I'd share some of the springy things that have been going on. The first day of Spring was spent at the in-laws in Delaware...somewhere I never imagined spending a lot of time, but it sure is nice to get a little weather that's warmer than Boston this time of year. That's what we got last Saturday, WARM! It was great.

We took Bella for a walk, (my in-laws dog...we have Pepper the Devil Kitty), to see some flowers

Played with the nephews and some chalk on the driveway

And then we did the best thing of most favorite part of the day...

Oh wait, we all ready talked about that didn't we?

Yesterday I was able to leave work a little early, and take a nice walk over to the Seaport area to go check out the flower show.

On the way, this guy was sleeping in a window as I walked by

I found some evidence of Spring in Boston!
( Can you believe it was snowing this morning?)

The flower show was great, I could look at flowers all day long...really I could.
Camillas. They look like Origami

My beloved Peony

Happy Spring!!